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Damsel In Defense Concealed Kari Purse Review

Posted by damseldefense330 on October 18, 2016 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (177)

What do you prepare to make yourself secured everywhere? If you are women, you may have known about Damsel in Defense. It is a big company that runs in self-defense with tools they manufacture. The big dedication of Damsel in Defense could be seen from their activity and tagline. They educate, empower and equip. They also donate their income for RAINN an organization or network that concerns on abusing and raping victim. They also adopt a home for supporting girls that have been the victim of sex trafficking. There are many products you can choose for the first package of self-defense like pepper spray, stun gun even a beautiful bad weapon called Concealed Kari Purse. As we have known that there have been many products spread by Damsel in Defense to equip and empower women for safety, they also give empowering meeting and party to educate women to always beware on their own safety for their lives. Danger and crime number is increasing so fast and that is supposed to be fixed soon. It is not simple thing to fix because there have to be many things that need to be improved like self-defense skill like martial art and other basic defense skills. Here we are giving basic review for one of their products called Concealed Kari Purse. It is one of their big sales for its beauty and comfort for self-defense bag.

The design

Let's start with the design. They come with various colors like black, real, cobalt, and teal but mostly choose the blue one because the color is just calm and good for any occasion. It is made of high-quality leather they do have lot of compartments that come with good divider. There are also some divisions like there are some compartments with zipper and some of them are not with zipper to give ease for you to pick the tools when the danger comes. There is also firearm pouch that is designed brilliantly with zipper to make it look ambidextrous. For you who need removable retentions strap you don’t need to worry because the design also allows you to have universal holster for pursuing with loop and hook system that enable you to adjust the placement. Overall, the design is legit.

Train yourself

It is a bag that specially designed for putting some defense tools by Damsel in Defense. You are supposed to know how to use it properly and that is why you need to train yourself to use this bag and use the tools. It is important for you to know the way to put the tools in proper compartment and pouch because every compartment is designed for certain tools also. It is so essential for you to know how effectively and safely draw your firearm from concealment. That is why Damsel in Defense also gives you sometimes or meetings like empowering meeting, and educating meeting. You have to be active so you will see the ways to operate it properly. You can check Aaronshara Damsel In Defense