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How To Operate Damsel In Defense Camera Stun Gun?

Have you heard that now you can get the more stylish stun gun for your protection? Damsel in

Defense is big company that runs in self-protection that now comes with more upgraded

product. Protection and safety issue for the defense is important especially for those who still

feel worry when they go outside. There are many crimes that happen in every city and we

cannot deny the crimes. Sometimes we don’t realize that every of us are in danger. There are

many robbers, murderers and thief everywhere. What they are stealing is not important but the

way they are stealing is the more dangerous thing that we should have cared and been aware

for that. They do not only steal but also murder and hurt physically.

That is why self-defense is really important for everyone especially for women. We all know that

it is essential to have self-defense skill. It will take more times to learn that but when we can

prepare with technologies, we just need to do it soon and how can we start the defense? You

can go with Damsel in Defense camera stun gun. What is that and how to operate it? These are

our explanations about the camera stun gun and the ways to operate it. Make sure that you

have had the will to protect your own life.

The product

The new stun gun that is brought by Damsel in Defense is new technologies that will make you

more secure because the stun gun is designed with camera look so there is nobody that will

know that you are bringing a stun gun to protect yourself. Moreover, the power of the new

Damsel in Defense camera stun gun is bigger than the previous one. You will get 7,5 millions

volts to stun every crime doer. This camera stun gun comes with battery, led flash light and

power bank to charge other electronic tools. This camera stun gun also comes with magnificent

design like digital camera so it will look like in undercover. You don’t need to feel attacking

because the stun gun has good mimic way like real digital camera or pocket camera.

Way to operate

You don’t need to worry about ways to operate because it is the same like you are using the old

stun gun by Damsel in Defense. You don’t have to be confused on what you have to do to use

it. Once you press the button, it will stun the people that are trying to disturb you. For the LED

flashlight, you just need to press the light button to turn on when you are in dark room or ways.

There is also power bank inside so you can use it to charge another electronic gadget like

smartphone and another using USB cable. To know the power left, there will be indicator for you

to know whether you can still use the stun gun or not. When you have to charge it, you have to

charge it to ensure that you can use it for defense.You can check this blog : http://xaviercrawfordrock.universitypunjabi.org/2016/09/28/being-safe-with-damsel-in-defense-pepper-spray/